Gen 1 Chapter 11

“Ok Reed, Friday sounds good! See you after school!” Bayleigh said. Despite what had happened with Ahmad, Bayleigh had another friend I would hear her talking to every now and then. It was comforting to know he hadn’t completely damaged her self-esteem. In fact after that she got a job at the Day Spa in town. Working after school and some weekends. However, she also seemed to come out of her social shell and had a few friends. I was a little concerned because they were all boys, but I knew Bently was keeping his eyes on them so I tried not to worry too much. But Bently too was growing up. Now a young adult I had a feeling his time in our house was numbered. It made me sad to see my baby becoming a man, but I couldn’t have been prouder of him. He was as handsome and caring as his father and I knew he’d make a good husband and father one day. In fact that day would come sooner than I would have liked. Bently told me of his plans, and Aaron and I helped him get a loan for an engagement ring. Soon after than he took Elisha, who had herself become a beautiful young woman, down to a secluded spot at the lagoon to propose to her. “Elisha, my love.” Bently said getting down on one knee, “Will you make me the happiest man alive and be my wife?” “OH MY GOSH! Of COURSE I’ll marry you Bently!” Elisha exclaimed. My boy couldn’t have picked a better time or place to propose. Right on the beach during the sunset. It was quite magical. I couldn’t have been happier for them. Bently lucked out since Elisha’s parents offered to pay for their wedding. Now they wouldn’t have to wait!Friday came and Bayleigh went home with Reed to hang out. She told me it wasn’t a date and they were “just friends”, but I could see the way Reed looked at her. That boy liked her whether she knew it or not. Still I was glad she was socializing when she wasn’t hard at work. “Did I tell you my brother and Elisha are getting married this weekend??” Bayleigh asked Reed excitedly. “Mmhmm,” Reed replied nodding his head. “Only about a dozen times!” “Oh, I’m sorry I’m just so happy for them! They’re the perfect happy couple! I can’t wait until I find a man and can be happy like them!” Bayleigh continued. Just then Reed leaned in to kiss Bayleigh and she smacked him right in the face while talking with her hands. “OH MY GOSH! Are you OK? I’m SO sorry! What were you doing??” Bayleigh asked. “Trying to kiss you!” Reed murmered holding his face.“OH.. I’m so sorry Reed. I, well I’m not sure I want to date you. You are my best friend.. it might be weird. Are you sure you’re ok?” Bayleigh said to Reed. “Yeah I’ll be fine.. nothing like a slap in the face to go with rejection.” Reed replied.After that they watched TV for a few more hours. Things had definately gotten a little akward. So as six o’ clock came around Bayleigh excused herself claiming she promised to help me with dinner that night. She hoped her friendship wasn’t ruined, and she also realized how it must have felt from Ahmads point of view as well now. It wasn’t fun being rejected or being the one doing the rejecting. Saturday came, today was the big day! Elisha and Bently’s wedding! Bayleigh was helping Elisha get ready when her cousin Christopher arrived. “Bayleigh have you met my cousin Chris?” Elisha asked. “Why no I haven’t. Nice to meet you Chris.” Bayleigh said shaking his hand. “Elisha you never told me Bently had such a pretty sister.” Chris said with a wink. Poor Bently was as nervous as ever while waiting on his Bride to walk down the aisle. They had decided on the Apple St Chapel, the same place Aaron and I had gotten married. It brought back many fine memories watching my son stand there. As Elisha walked down the aisle I watched Bently smiling at her, the same way Aaron had smiled at me almost 30 years ago. I felt a tear of happiness run down my cheek. Aaron saw and squeezed my hand, I saw he too was misty eyed watching his boy get married. “With this ring I thee wed..”Elisha said sliding the ring on Bently’s finger. He couldn’t wipe the cheesey grin off his face if he’d tried as she repeated the vows the preacher had read. As the ceremony continued Bently placed his ring onto Elisha’s finger, repeating everything the preacher had said. Elisha made such a lovely bride. She had chosen a more modern dress and one that wasn’t white. I will admit while not traditional she sure looked stunning. The dress really complimented her skin tone. “You may kiss the bride” The preacher announced. Bently then kissed Elisha a very passionate kiss. There wasn’t a dry eye in the whole chapel, even Bayleigh was crying tears of joy for her brother. Then as they prepared to walk down the aisle we all stood up and threw rice at the happy couple. As they exited the main Chapel we all turned and followed for the reception that was planned afterwards! That night the whole family ate a delicious dinner and danced the night away. I couldn’t have been happier to have such a wonderful bunch to call my own. I was so glad I could be there for his wedding and be a part of it since my parents weren’t around for my own. It may have been Bently and Elisha’s wedding but Bayleigh and Aaron were the stars at the reception! Together they danced and performed, entertaining us all throughout the evening! I never knew my husband or my little girl were such great dancers! All in all I would say that this was one of the best days of my life!

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  1. dreamer32910 says:

    Very nice

  2. Em says:

    Ahhhhh! I love it! and I love Elisha’s Hair too! where was it???? thanx

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