Gen 1 Chapter 10

To be perfectly honest retired life was, well boring. Or I suppose I should say uneventful. I guess I couldn’t really be bored, afterall I got to spend a lot more time with Aaron and the kids. That is when the kids were home. They’re the ones now with the interesting lives. Now that they both were in High School they rode the same bus. One day Bayleigh sat next to her brother and asked, “Who is that guy?”. “Who? The brown-haired Justin Bieber?” Bently replied. “Yeah.. I guess.” Bayleigh answered. “That’s Ahmad Pinkert. I think he’s your age, but his sister is in a lot of my classes. Why do you ask?” Bently inquired. “Oh.. no reason.” Bayleigh said while she kept her eyes glued in his direction. After school however the kids had very seperate agendas. While Bently would go hop on Elisha’s bus and go home with her, or she’d get on his bus with him, Bayleigh would go to her after-school activities. Today’s was her student work experience where she would go watch and help the people at the coporate towers doing sketches and other random jobs. Meanwhile Bently was at Elisha’s and they were doing their usual. Hanging all over each other! Those two were very much in love. They had known each other since the two started going to school together when they were 5. They were now almost 18 so basically 13 years. I was pretty sure once they turned 18 Bently was going to propose. Although not quite sure where he’d get the ring from, since he hadn’t been working at all. Bayleigh on the other hand was always doing something. Even if she didn’t make a lot of money, she was always doing something constructive. I will be honest though, I did wish she’d spend a little more time socializing and giving herself a break because the poor child was always tired. Bently got better at doing his homework when he got home instead of waiting until right before school to finish. Probably a good thing since his homework was a lot harder and he no longer breezed through it in 30 minutes. Instead it would take him hours. I did on occasion try to help him, although if it was math I was just as clueless. That was something he’d have to ask his father about! Bayleigh was even up early on the weekends. “Where are you off to today dear?” I asked her one Saturday. “Oh, I don’t know. I was going to work on some sketches and I’m supposed to interview another student from my class, so I’ll probably go over to his house later.” Bayleigh answered. “His? House?” I asked in a joking manner. “Yes mom HIS.. don’t get any ideas though.” She replied getting up from the table and heading into the other room. I had taught Bayleigh just about all I knew when it came to architechtural drawings. She wasn’t fully interested in that but did have a knack for designs of all types and was a very good artist. Somehow or another she just had a way with colors and pulling things out of her head and putting them on paper. When she was done sketching she headed out to her interview. Whether or not she got a boyfriend was up to her. I was just happy she was socializing with someone other than her brother, father, or I. That was her weak spot if you ask me. She was a tad socially akward. “Hi Ahmad, I’m Bayleigh Groves. I’m supposed to interview you for school, is that ok?” Bayleigh asked. “Sure, what you need to know babe?” Ahmad replied. Bently was of course glued to our couch, not to mention Elisha. He was a lot like his father in the way he treated her. Which was a good thing, I think I lucked out because most man don’t treat woman like that. No, if I was ever worried anyone in that relationship would get hurt it would be Bently, not Elisha. Bayleigh was extremely responsible and even paid her own cell phone bill. Aaron and I offered since we also pay for Bently’s, but she declined. I honestly felt guilty about letting her do it, but she said it made her feel good to be able to take care of her own expenses while still donating what she could to charities. One afternoon Bayleigh didn’t have anything special planned and that’s when I heard her phone go off. Very unusal for her, since she didn’t have any really close friends or a boyfriend. “Mom? Is it ok if I have a friend over.” she asked me. “Of course dear, if that’s what you want.” I answered.That’s when I watched in amazement as her fingers flew over her phone as she text whoever was on the other end with the answer I had just given. “Thanks Mom! I’ll be outside with Bently and Elisha!” she said running out the door. I was actually quite relieved that she had a friend.  So Bayleigh spent the day talking and hanging out with Amhad, her brother and his girlfriend. I could tell Bently was studying Ahmad. I guess he felt he had to protect his sister. Apparently he was behaving himself though because Bently went right back to focusing on Elisha.I could tell Bayleigh really liked Ahmad. He seemed to really like her to, constantly calling her “babe” and flirting back when she’d flirt with him. It seemed both my kids would have someone special in their lives very soon!

And that’s when it happened. My little girl decided to make a move on Ahmad. As she leaned in to kiss him he turned his head and backed away. “Uhh, what was that about, babe?” Ahmad asked. “I uhh, uhh, I thought we were clicking?” Bayleigh stuttered.“Whoa babe. I like you. I just don’t like you, like you. Ya know what I’m saying? You’re a cool chick and I dig hanging out with you. But I’d never date you.” Ahmad told her. “Oh.. I’m sorry.” Bayleigh whispered. “Well I gotta go in now and help my mom with dinner, see you.” Bayleigh said fighting back tears. “Alright babe see you later!” Ahmad told her.

Bayleigh ran into her room, and I could hear her crying. That’s when Bently stepped in. “How could you do that to my sister Ahmad? Bently raged. “Do what dude?” Ahamd asked. “You just totally broke her heart! How can you be so insensitive?!” Bently argued. “Man, all I said was I didn’t like her like that, what’s your problem?!” Ahmad asked Bently. “No, that isn’t all you said! You said you’d NEVER date her! She probably thinks that’s because she’s ugly-which she’s NOT! And you’ve been leading her on all this time! You need to leave our house AND leave my sister alone!” Bently yelled furiously. “Whatever dude.. maybe you should date your sister than! Loser!” Ahmad replied as he turned and  stormed to his car.

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One Response to Gen 1 Chapter 10

  1. dreamer32910 says:

    Epic! I really enjoy reading your legacy 🙂
    Don’t worry Bayligh the right guy will come along.

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