Gen 1 Chapter 8

Bayleigh wasn’t the happy conent baby Bently had been. It seemed we would just leave her room for a couple minutes and she’d begin crying again. It was very exhausting, and made cleaning and giving Bently attention very hard to do. Lucky for me whenever Aaron was home from work he would take over and play with Bayleigh so I could get some stuff done, or just catch a nap! They had the kind of father-daughter relationship I hoped they would have. I may have been young when my parents passed but for some reason I always remember having a strong connection with my father. Bently was a very bright kid, but for some reason would put his homework off until the last minute. I was amazed however that one morning I asked if he did the homework he had for the day last night. “No Mom, but I’ll do it now.” was his reply. I watched in amazement at how he finished it in 30 min and had ALL the right answers! Just in time because that’s when the school bus arrived. I don’t know how I missed it, but I did. My little girl was growing up so fast it was scary! She was a lot happier as a toddler, I think because she could actually do things instead of just lay around all day. I felt so bad I missed her birthday, I swore we’d do more for her next birthday!At least I was able to get more things done with Bayleigh being more content. My sketches were being requested by many aspiring decorators. I never thought I would have become such a good designer. I made a lot of money at work too, at least when I was able to. I’d been on maternity leave forever it seemed, and Aarons job just wasn’t bringing in much. In fact without my sketches we may have been in trouble. One day Bently called to ask if it was ok to go over to a friends after school. I was so glad when he asked me that, I was starting to wonder if he had friends because it seemed he was always doing something to get made fun of, by students and teachers! I would have felt really bad if he become the school loser!In fact I was so happy I suggested to Bently he invite her over that weekend for a little campout in the yard. He agreed and I made them a nice little picnic basket full of all kinds of yummy sandwhiches and fruit. Then that night they slept out in the tent Aaron and I bought and set up just for this occasion. We were both so happy he had a good friend who didn’t make fun of him for all the embarrasing things that always seemed to happen to him. We wanted to make sure they would stay friends forever!Meanwhile Bayleigh was talking and using the potty before she could even walk! I was sort of worried she might have a problem with her legs, but Aaron began teaching her and she picked up on it quite well! I guess all she needed was a little help from her daddy! While Aaron was busy with Bayleigh and Bently was camping with his friend I decided to make Aaron and I a nice dinner so we could talk. I had some conerns I wanted to bring to his attention. We were always so busy with the kids we barely got time to talk to each other anymore. As Aaron came to grab his plate I approached him and said “We need to talk.”, “Oh? About what?” was Aaron’s reply. “Just some things, some important things.” I told him. “Ok” he said with a little concern in his voice.“So let me get this straight.” Aaron began. “You want me to stay home with the kids while YOU go back to work?” he asked. “Yes Aaron, I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I just think you’re not really happy at your job, and well mine pays a lot better, plus you and Bayleigh have a great relationship. Why not?” I answered. “As long as you’re sure, it’s ok with me.” Aaron replied. “Yes, I’m sure.” I told him.

So with that Aaron finished his dinner and called his boss. “Yes sir, I’m afraid my wife and I have made up our minds. I won’t be coming back to work.” Aaron confirmed over the phone. I was so proud of him, this was going to be great for all of us. I just hope I didn’t miss out on too much of the kids lives being out of the house all the time.Finally the day came when Bayleigh was growing up into a child. My babies weren’t babies any longer. In fact Bently was almost a teenager! I know she’s going to become a beautiful young woman, however I was still a bit upset that I would no longer have a baby in the house, at least until they gave me grandkids! Also this meant it was time to take down the nursery and make it a little girls room!

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4 Responses to Gen 1 Chapter 8

  1. Ashlee(Dreamer32910) says:

    Love it!

  2. Kiki says:

    Where did you get the hair from??

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